Linda Lepeirs, Artist

Linda Lepeirs’ artistic expressions reflect the inspiration she has found in diverse settings, from Europe’s famed art museums to the flowers she grows in her California garden.

Starting with acrylic paints as a young college graduate, she quickly moved onto oils. Informally, she studied with Nicaraguan Artist Omar de Leon, learning his expert technique of layering transparent oil colors.

Building upon  a lifelong interest in photography, in 2001 Linda began working in a new style of creative art, manipulating instant photo film. With her artistic talent, photographic skill, impressionistic flair, she creates one-of-a-kind originals. For this art she finds exceptional subject matter in flowers, whether in formal, in fresh-cut arrangements or in clay pots on her deck.

As an artist, her desire is to share with others the beauty of nature so that they too may find in it a source of serenity.

Linda, with degrees in Psychology and Ministry has served as a Counselor and Child Advocate in Boston. In Seattle and La Jolla, she served as a Pastoral Minister.

After retiring, Linda pursued her enthusiasm for art. Re-captivated by her first love, Linda followed her original passion for oil painting.

Linda is an avid member of the Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego. Her photography and oil paintings are on display in Studio 34B of the Village. She is a San Diego Art Institute for Living Artists member.

She has won several awards in juried exhibits. The latest is on exhibit in the Small Image Show in Gallery 21 in Spanish Village Art Center.

Artist’s Statement:

The seemingly limitless possibilities of photographic techniques and the pure color of oil painting, gives me a deep joy of creative expression. As an artist, I desire is to share with others the beauty of nature so that they, too, may find in it a source of joy and serenity.